Terms & Conditions

1.   General

1.1.   All services provided by the The Little Ferry Company are subject to these terms and Conditions. They set out the level of service you are entitled to expect in relation to your journey with The Little Ferry Company. They also set out your rights and responsibilities in respect of any journeys made on The Little Ferry Company’s vessels.

1.2.   These general conditions supersede all previous editions issued by us and may be modified, amended or replaced at any time by us.

1.3.   No failure by the Company to enforce any provision of any Condition herein shall be construed a waiver of such provisions or affect the right of the Company to enforce any other provision within these Conditions.

1.4.   If any of the provisions in our contract with you shall become or be declared invalid or unenforceable by any tribunal or court of competent jurisdiction then such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions all of which shall remain in full force and effect.

1.5.   You acknowledge and agree that we are not a ‘common carrier’ (someone who must take any passenger who offers the correct fee).

1.6.   These conditions apply to any vessel chartered by us or chartered by us to perform the service for which a ticket has been purchased

1.7.   When you make your booking or purchase your tickets, you accept these general conditions and any additional conditions which apply to the contract. You agree that your acceptance is given on behalf of yourself, your executors, administrators, successors and assignees and also on behalf of:

1.7.1.   Any other persons for whom you are purchasing a ticket or making a booking; and shipper or owner of any goods which you may bring with you to be carried by us on a sailing; furthermore, you warrant to us that you have authority to enter into the contract on behalf of them and you agree to ensure that they shall comply with the provisions of the contract.

1.8.   Bookings and tickets are specific to the named passenger and are not transferable to other persons.

2.   Payment

2.1.   We require full payment at the time of making your booking or purchasing your ticket

3.   Acceptance to travel

3.1.   We may refuse to allow on board any passenger who arrives to check in for a sailing at any time after the latest time to check in for the sailing has passed. The latest time to check-in for your sailing will be shown on your ticket or booking confirmation and on our website.

3.2.   We may refuse to allow any child aged 11 years or less to travel on a sailing unless accompanied by a passenger aged 16 or more.

3.3.   If, in our reasonable opinion, and at the sole discretion of the master any passenger appears to:

3.3.1.   Be likely to cause stress or disturbance to other passengers or to our staff or crew; or

3.3.2.   Pose a threat or perceived threat to the safety or security of a sailing, or of other passengers or our staff or crew

3.4.   We may refuse to allow that passenger on board the sailing and require that passenger to vacate the vessel. If that passenger is already aboard a sailing, we may restrict the movements of that passenger while on board the sailing and require that passenger to disembark the sailing as soon as reasonably possible.

3.5.   We will not be obliged to waive or refund the cost of your ticket or booking or to reimburse you for any other costs or losses in these circumstances.

4.   Animals

4.1.   We may refuse to carry animals. But subject to the following conditions you may travel on a sailing with your dog or other domestic animal if the appropriate fee is paid

4.1.1.   Provided it is kept under control, suitably restrained in an appropriate pet carrier or with an appropriate leash or harness.

4.1.2.   And the master is satisfied that the animal poses no risk or inconvenience to other passenger’s crew or itself.

4.2.   If the appropriate fee has been paid but the master in his absolute discretion decides that the animal cannot travel our liability will be restricted to the refund of the fee that would apply to the animal

4.3.   Official assistance dogs Guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf are permitted to travel on the vessel with the master’s agreement without charge.

5.   Schedule

5.1.   We will do all we reasonably can to maintain any published departure or arrival times. However, we may need to change the route of a sailing, delay or bring forward the departure or arrival time of a sailing, cancel a sailing, or change any other detail of the sailing for operational reasons or as a result of events beyond our control.

5.2.   We cannot therefore guarantee that we will run at the advertised time or by the normal or shortest route

6.   Cancellation

6.1.   There will be occasions when we have to cancel sailings due to circumstances out of our control for example bad weather or technical issues. We will endeavour to advise affected passengers by text and or email as soon as this is known to us. If a booked sailing is cancelled you will be refunded for the price paid for that portion of travel, or rebooked on the next available sailing.

6.2.   However we cannot be held liable for any costs or consequences resulting from a cancelled sailing.

7.   Safety

7.1.   You shall at all times follow and carry out all instructions (both verbal and written) of the Master and/or crew members of the vessel, particularly in relation to (but not limited to) personal safety of themselves, crew or other passengers.

7.2.   This also applies to any of the facilities controlled by us, including but not limited to piers and entry and entrance/egress areas to the vessels and the piers.

7.3.   You are required to remain seated when instructed to do so by the Master or any crew member, for any reason.

7.4.   You are required at all times to take all reasonable precautions for your own safety and safety of any person in their care (particularly children). This includes but is not limited to using hand and guard rails at all times as provided around the vessel, appropriately restraining children and ensuring that children are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times and paying attention to the safety briefing given by crew members at the commencement of the voyage.

7.5.   You must not engage in activities which could cause nuisance, disruption or which could affect the safety of vessel crew and passengers including, but not limited to: smoking (which, for the avoidance of doubt shall include electronic smoking devices)

7.6.   Alcohol may not be brought on board any of our vessels for consumption during your crossing. We reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol that brought onto a vessel that is believed to be, or is being consumed during the passage.

7.7.   You must take particular care during periods of rough or heavy weather

8.   Security

8.1.   Any persons or, bags and/or goods which board our vessels may be subject to a search.

8.2.   We may require you to disembark from any sailing along with any baggage or goods if you refuse to allow any search. In these circumstances, we shall have no liability to compensate you for any resulting loss and we will have no obligation to waive or provide any refund to you of any prices or fees paid or payable by you. In addition, we reserve the right to charge you all costs and expenses which we incur in taking such action.

8.3.   If, we discover any unlawful, unauthorised, prohibited or restricted, goods, materials or substances brought onto our premises or onto any sailing by you, we may seize, remove, confiscate, abandon, destroy or dispose of them without notice. In these circumstances, we shall have no liability to compensate you for any resulting loss and we will have no obligation to waive or provide any refund to you of any prices or fees paid or payable by you. In addition, we reserve the right to charge you all costs and expenses which we incur in taking such action.

8.4.   We will cooperate with the Police and border force to ensure the safety and security of all our passengers and the wider community.

9.   Liability

9.1.   Our total liability to you, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), for breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, arising under or in connection with the contract shall be limited to the amount specified by the Passenger Liability Regulation (PLR) and the Athens Convention were applicable.

9.2.   The provisions of the Athens Convention may be applicable; and
(b) The Athens Convention in most cases limits the carrier's liability for death or personal injury or loss of or damage to luggage and makes special provision for valuables.

9.3.   Customers shall be liable for any loss, damage or delay to the goods and to the property of the Company and of third parties and for personal injury or death to any persons wheresoever such damage is caused or inflicted by the goods.

9.4.   General average (if any) to be settled in accordance with York-Antwerp Rules, 1974, or any subsequent amendment thereto. 

9.5.   We shall not be liable if the performance or the prompt performance of our obligations under our contract is prevented or affected by any events beyond our control.

9.6.   None of our employees, agents, independent contractors or sub-contractors shall in any circumstances be underany liability to you for any loss, damage or delay arising directly or indirectly from any act or omission on their part while acting in the course of their employment or engagement by us and every right, exemption, limitation, condition, defense and immunity which applies to us shall in addition, apply for the benefit of our employees, agents, independent contractors and sub-contractors.

10.   Reduced Mobility

10.1.   We will work with you to accommodate disabled persons or those with reduced mobility,

10.2.   However, the design of the ship or the port infrastructure and equipment, including terminals, may make it impossible to carry out embarkation, disembarkation or carriage of disabled persons or those with reduced mobility in a safe or operationally feasible manner.

11.   Law and Jurisdiction

11.1.   These Conditions shall be governed and construed by British Law whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Conditions.